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Hello, I’m Lumi! I’m an Artist, Animator, and Writer on my way to turning what I love into a career. I have a long way ahead of me and I’m willing to take risks and do the hard work! I hope you support me on this journey.


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This artwork is a Birthday gift for my friend, Valyn whose Birthday was March 24th.

I would like to get into some backstory. So I hope you don’t mind. Ever since I began doing art as a hobby back in 2016, I tried to stay inside my comfort zone for the most part. I would try to challenge myself very rarely. For example, I always drew girls because Precure, a show with primarily female characters was one of my inspirations that got me into art. So I didn’t try to draw any male characters until 2020. Because a year before that(2019), I created some male characters for my story and I hated the fact that I couldn’t draw any.

As I realized that I love to continue doing art and turn it into a career, I knew I had to challenge myself more to learn the things I refused to and was afraid of. That I had to expand my knowledge for my art to reach its full potential.

And so with this piece, I tried something I’ve never drawn before, buildings…! It definitely took a while and was challenging. But for my first time, I think I did very well!

This isn’t the perfect artwork of course. There are a few things I’m a little bit unhappy with and wish I could’ve changed when I still had the chance. But it’s not too bothersome for me to hate it. I’m still very proud of it! I’m glad I gave drawing buildings a try and I’m willing to do more in the future because I had fun even if they were difficult.


A collection of some of my animation work. I don't have as many examples here. However, I will do my best to update this as often as possible.


A collection of my finished and fully rendered artwork. These usually take a lot of time and effort compared to my doodles.

Sketch & Doodles

A collection of some of my sketches and doodles. They're not as detailed as my finished artwork.

About Me

A Memory’s Recipe by Siege YT 
December 2nd 2022-Present, Production Manager and Assistant Animator
•In charge of organizing the production schedule, assigning tasks to members of the team, and keeping track of deadlines
•Animated various background characters and extra characters
•Clip Studio Paint
•Toon Boom Harmony
•Toon Boom Storyboard Pro
•Live 2D Cubism
•Adobe After Effects




I Ordered a conceptual drawing and the result was amazing.


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